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Water Removal Solutions for Flooding in Coolidge Homes

3/17/2020 (Permalink)

Rain storm Leave your flood damage to the experts. Call SERVPRO, We are always available to help.

Why you want SERVPRO’s Help with Water Removal after a Flood

While the severity and concentrations of damages might change from one Coolidge home to another, one of the defining traits of most flood losses is a need for water removal. Choosing the right tool for this task is one of the many obstacles that our SERVPRO team faces as we respond to the emergency. Our decision in which tool might be best for this task depends on multiple factors, including:

  • Depth of the water in the flooded areas
  • Present hazards that might exist
  • Solids and debris in the standing water
  • The volume of water throughout the house

Knowing the best machine for addressing flood damage to Coolidge homes can save our customers time and money on the restoration work their property needs. We strive to provide a fast response to these emergencies, ensuring that conditions do not worsen dramatically before we can get pooling water under control with extraction equipment and techniques. Often water removal comes down to one of three primary extractors in our inventory or fleet.

Electric Submersible Pumps

These are among the most versatile water removal tools in our arsenal because they can potentially have long discharge lines. These powerful units do not draw excessive amounts of electricity, making them ideal for recovery efforts where the power has gotten severed. These tools are not ideal for natural flooding scenarios where debris might exist, however.

Gas-Powered or Engine-Driven Pumps 

Many of the fuel-driven pumps in our inventory have larger (4” or greater) intake and discharge hoses, making them better suited to water removal where debris and solids might exist. With natural flooding, sediment and solids likely get carried in with the water, so you need a solution that can address the water and what is in it simultaneously.

Wet Vacuums and Wands 

When water depth gets below two inches in the affected area, submersible pumps of every kind cease to be effective. Wet vacuums are the staple of low depth water removal, as our vacuums can have numerous attachments that can help remove water from low-permeance flooring and carpeting as well.

No matter how severe water losses might be after a flood, you can count on our SERVPRO of Casa Grande for effective water removal solutions. Give us a call today at (520) 421-1894.

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Our Specialists Discuss Helpful Tips For Your Flood Damaged Arizona City Home

1/16/2020 (Permalink)

flood damaged home Whether you can complete these steps on your own or not, our SERVPRO of Casa Grande team can help your property after a flood.

Quick Tips for Arizona City Homeowners After Flooding

During an emergency like a flood in your Arizona City home, you might not always be thinking as clearly as you hope. With a high-stress situation like this can become, it is best to know the few steps that you can initially take to help later restoration efforts be more efficient and cost-effective. While every one of these later listed tips might not apply to your particular circumstances, beginning even some of these steps before our SERVPRO team arrives can help to get the process started before mitigation does.

It is essential to understand that most flood damage in Arizona City residences exceeds the expertise and ability of homeowners to restore and repair on their own. Even our team has various divisions of skilled professionals ranging from our field technicians to experienced general contractors that can help with board up, tarping, controlled demolition, and later reconstruction as needed. Here are some things that you can do to help professional restoration after a flood loss.

Get Air Moving
Air circulation and ventilation can help to reduce the severity and speed of mold development after a devastating flood loss. While in many situations, microbial threats are unavoidable, lessening their severity can help remediation efforts be less costly and damaging to the house.

Remove Personal Belongings
Content management is a significant level of our restoration practices after fire and water loss incidents, but there are ways that you can help to protect the things that matter most to you. Your treasures and keepsakes might be in line to become exposed to contaminated floodwater, and by removing these items from the area or moving them to a safer portion of your property, you can make the rest of the content management process more efficient and have ensured the protection and security of your most favored belongings.

Turn Off Utilities
When possible, it can be a good idea to disconnect running utilities such as gas, electricity, and even water flowing into the house. All of these could become damaged by flooding under the right conditions, and you can prevent the situation from being more hazardous than necessary for our responding SERVPRO technicians.

Whether you can complete these steps on your own or not, our SERVPRO of Casa Grande team can help your property after a flood. Give us a call anytime at (520) 421-1894.

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We Can Handle Any Flooding In Coolidge

10/3/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged sofa Give our crew a call today at (520) 421-1894.

Can Sandbags or Temporary Dams Prevent Coolidge Flooding?

In flood-prone areas of Coolidge and the surrounding regions, damages can quickly invade a property and spread. The priority of any homeowner is to stop this progression of flooding as much as possible, and that is why many homes utilize sandbags and dams to reduce the penetration of rising waters outside. Should everyone use these methods to slow damages to their property?

As much as any homeowner might seek to avoid flood damage to their Coolidge residence, this is not always as straightforward as throwing sandbags across doorways and likely penetration points. There are multiple methods for flooding to occur, and depending on the type of emergency your house contends with, you can determine the likelihood of preventative measures being successful. Our SERVPRO team can always help to restore these properties regardless of the effects your home experiences.

When It Will Not Work
If storm damages have caused structural concerns with the roof, siding, or other openings of your property, potential flooding you could experience is not likely to become thwarted by the application of temporary dams. This flooding has a direct path inside of your home and does not get attributed to rising waters outside.

When You Should Try
Many flooding scenarios develop over days, allowing property owners to listen to weather reports for the time rivers and other bodies of water crest and become a danger to the nearby structures. Because this flooding does not always happen at once, you can often get a warning about rising floodwaters to deploy dams and lay down sandbags. In these situations, you can often limit flood exposure with a barrier surrounding your residence.

Because of how destructive flooding can be for your house, you should know that our SERVPRO team is a full-service restoration crew complete with a division of licensed residential contractors to help you recover after this disaster. We can offer temporary construction solutions and eliminate vulnerabilities that continually keep your home at risk for further damage.

Flooding can be a dangerous and hazardous situation when you are not careful to mind its severity. Always prioritize safetyand leave the full recovery of your damaged home to our SERVPRO of Casa Grande professionals. Give our crew a call today at (520) 421-1894.

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We Discuss Helpful Steps During Flood Damage Incidents In Your Arizona City Home

10/1/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage due to flooding in house Flooding incidents can happen when least expected, so you have to be quick on your feet.

Helpful Steps During Flood Damage Incidents In Arizona City

A flooding incident can occur at any time. Although some incidents might involve clean water such as when a torn roof allows rainwater to filter into the building, most flooding incidents involve black water. When such an incident happens in your Arizona home, some actions taken immediately can help you save valuables, or protect your family from infectious diseases and other health risks. Calling a professional flood damage restorer like SERVPRO is great, but you can also take a few steps as you wait for help.

You can try to control what is affected by flooding damage in your Arizona City home. In a case involving rising groundwater, you can evacuate contents from the ground floor to first floor or other elevated locations within your house. You should start with porous materials because if the contaminated floodwaters reach such materials, they might be too contaminated to save. For semi-porous materials such as wood furniture, you can save them by preventing or limiting contact with the floodwater.

In your rush to save your valuables, you might need to wade into flooded areas. Such action creates an even more severe problem because the floodwater might contain traces of infectious diseases such as tetanus, cholera, typhoid, or others. Saving a few valuables then falling sick later on is not a great strategy. You should only wade into the water if you have rubber boots. Otherwise, it is best to wait for help. Our SERVPRO crews have various PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, including rubber boots and full-body suits allowing then to wade safely into any level of water. We also spray EPA registered disinfectants directly into the water to control contaminants.

You should evacuate at-risk people from your property as soon as you can to protect them from the dangers posed by the flooding incident. Floodwaters pose a wide range of risks, including exposing people to contaminants and releasing dangerous gases such as methane in the affected property. At-risk people, therefore, include:

• Young children
• People with respiratory problems
• The elderly
• People with immunity deficiency
• People sensitive to chemicals

Flooding incidents can happen when least expected, so you have to be quick on your feet. You can also call SERVPRO of Casa Grande to help save your valuables. Reach us at (520) 421-1894 any time. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Our Certified Professionals Are Ready 24/7 To Restore Your Arizona City Home

7/14/2019 (Permalink)

A storm can damage your home quickly, and you need a team that is ready 24/7 to assist you. Our crew will respond quickly and begin the restoration.

Face Flood Damage in Arizona City with Confidence

Located on Pinal County’s floodplain, Arizona City homeowners face a significant risk of water and contaminants devastating their homes during the monsoon season. Intensive agricultural use of the region around the city complicates the situation by exposing affected properties to runoff mixed with dirt, fertilizers, organic debris, and other residues. Cleanup of this thick and noxious amalgamation requires training, specialized equipment, and experience.

Arizona City flood damage needs a fast response to avoid progressive destruction to structural components and secondary damage like mold growth. Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained managers and technicians prepare for this challenging work, committed to assisting you and your family when you need help the most. We mobilize quickly, arriving at your flooded home with the workforce and the equipment necessary in our signature green service vehicles, avoiding any delay.

Seasoned SERVPRO project managers assess your circumstances and develop a work plan to address your unique scenario. Our employees categorize the water involved, typically determining that it meets the criteria for Category 3 or Black Water, the most contaminated. When removing the fluid containment is required, and we must follow local rules concerning hazardous waste disposal.

Depending on the extent of dissolved and solid debris in the floodwaters, our employees might use shovels and other mechanical means to remove the mud and sludge. Our pumps and extractors can manage a certain amount of silt in the water we evacuate as well. Expect the SERVPRO team to don personal protective equipment (PPE) because of the potential for human and animal waste in the mix, exposing individuals to the risks of blood, urine, and feces-borne pathogens. Once the bulk of the water is gone, we use equipment like thermal imaging cameras and meters to locate residual water and moisture.

If we need access to trapped water, flood cuts are a controlled demolition strategy that also opens cavities for enhanced structural drying. Our crew cleans and disinfects surfaces with EPA-registered products and develops and implements a drying plan. After moisture levels return to normal, we can complete the restoration with rebuilding services for any structural damage and to replace any building materials removed to improve the flood water remediation.

Call (520) 421-1894 as soon as possible after the storm so we can mitigate, remediate, and restore the harm done. Trust SERVPRO of Casa Grande to get it right from start to finish as we make monsoon flood damage “Like it never even happened.”

General Contractor License #: 310262
Residential Contractor License #: 310261

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The Ultimate Guide to Flood Damage Remediation for Your Maricopa Property

6/8/2019 (Permalink)

Flood damage to your Maricopa living room can be too much to handle alone. Contact the professionals at SERVPRO for help.

Flood Damage and Flood Preparation for Your Maricopa Home

You may be unable to control the weather conditions in Maricopa, but with a bit of planning, you can take all precautions possible to ensure your safety and protect your home from severe damage. Various measures can be taken ahead of time to help safeguard your family and your home.

No matter how well you’ve prepared, if you are dealing with flood damage in your Maricopa home, you need to get help as soon as possible. A professional remediation company can assist you in restoring your home quickly to prevent additional damages. At SERVPRO, we understand that in a situation like this, time is of the essence. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

One thing you can do is to find out how vulnerable your home is to flooding. Do this by figure out the elevation of your property. You should also evaluate the insurance coverage you have once per year to ensure your home is covered entirely. As new construction grows in some areas, more floodplains can be created sometimes. If your home resides in a flood-prone area, get in touch with the National Flood Insurance program to learn what measures of mitigation you can take ahead of time.

In a flood situation, the water is contaminated with various things, possibly including sewage and chemical runoff. Therefore, SERVPRO techs need to remove and dispose of any carpeting and padding which were affected. If needed, we pressure wash structural components and disinfect surfaces with an EPA-registered disinfectant. We also remove any material necessary to decontaminate your home. Drywall is cut up to where the water line is and discarded and then replaced with new material.

Another precaution to take to protect your home and you is to purchase a weather radio. These battery-operated radios are specially made for situations like flooding and other natural disasters and usually cost around twenty dollars and many hardware and appliance stores. You should also put together a disaster survival kit. Keep certain supplies on hand and place them in a watertight container. These include things such as a first aid kit, your radio, a flashlight with additional batteries, drinking water, medicines, eyeglasses, change of clothing, non-perishable foods, credit cards, and cash, and copies of any important paperwork.

SERVPRO of Casa Grande wants to help you restore your home in Sacaton, Eloy, or Coolidge after a flood disaster. Give us a call at (520) 421-1894 as soon as possible so we can get your home safe for you and your family again.

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Super Useful Tips to Improve Your Maricopa Flood Damage Situation

4/21/2019 (Permalink)

Don't be overwhelmed by flood damage in your home. Contact our certified SERVPRO team for water removal and remediation services.

Making Your Home Safe Again with Flood Damage Mitigation Methods in Maricopa

When we arrive at a home in Maricopa that needs mitigation and restoration services, we always come with a well-stocked Green Fleet to help us. Inside our vehicles, we carry the microbial agents, tools, equipment, and protective gear we use to perform all our mitigation work.

As we first enter your home, we begin mitigating flood damage in Maricopa as we spray affected surfaces and materials with a powerful disinfectant. Even though we wear personal protective equipment (PPE) during our mitigation, we still want to reduce the number of possible sources of contamination as much as we can throughout your home. This is because it also decreases the risk of cross-contamination.

Our PPE allows us to move easily while still using shovels, buckets, rakes, and other tools to remove the piles of silt and other debris polluting your dwelling. Carpets and padding are some of the most contaminated structures in a home with flood damage. Removing the silt and mud on top of these allows us to remove them more efficiently and get them out of your home. These require new replacements, which can occur after we dry the area sufficiently.

Newly exposed areas, like under the padding, or those that inadvertently become re-exposed to floodwater, require an application of disinfectant spray. Sometimes this occurs after we spray down surfaces with clean water with our power-washing equipment. Our goal of making things “Like it never even happened” and your satisfaction makes us strive for the best results while still at the lowest possible cost.

After we completely remove the solid materials from your house's interior, we can begin with the final wipe downs and then move on to drying your residence. Air movers and desiccant machines help dry the interior, so new materials do not become at risk of water damage or microbial infestation. Getting these materials installed means we get that much closer to getting you and your family back home again.

SERVPRO of Casa Grande can answer your questions about flood damage and how it can affect your home and your family. We are always here to respond to your call, 24/7, year-round, at (520) 421-1894. Our Green Fleet serves those in the Sacaton, Eloy, and Florence areas.

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You Can Rely On Our Professional Team In Maricopa

3/15/2019 (Permalink)

We will arrive to your home day or night and get started immediately at restoring your home after a flood. Call us right away.

Professional Help When There is Flood Damage to Your Home in Maricopa

Most people think of Arizona as a dry expanse of land, but if nature has shown us anything as of recent is that Maricopa residents need to be ready to react quickly to the impact of severe weather. Even when parts of the state have seen snow, in Maricopa many households are susceptible to flooding. Homeowners need to be ready to act should their homes be in peril and reaching out to a competent team of professionals is the first step towards protecting your property.

SERVPRO is ready when there is flood damage to your home in Maricopa. When nature takes over your home, as well as those around you, a quick reaction can save you time, anguish and money. Relying on our professional team to return your home to normal can make all the difference in mitigating your loss. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your emergency as soon as possible.

When our Green Fleet arrives at your home, it assesses the extent of the flood damage and identifies action steps while keeping safety in mind. Removing any standing water and contaminated contents from your home is of paramount importance, and we work on resolving those quickly. Flood waters are loaded with bacteria and debris that require full removal of materials such as carpeting, all for the sake of returning your home to pristine condition. Our SERVPRO team sets up submersible pumps to rid your home of deep standing water and utilizes handheld devices for smaller deposits. Moisture sensors and meters continuously measure the levels of humidity and inform our team on how to proceed.

Drying your home is just as important as extracting water. To speed up the process we may install drying mats, dehumidifiers and air movers to encourage air circulation and evaporation necessary to return to normal moisture levels. Our SERVPRO technicians may also resort to thermal imaging to help identify any spots still holding water. When the drying step is complete, we apply best practices to disinfect your home. Disinfection is an essential process in protecting your home from the proliferation of unwanted bacteria or microorganisms brought in by flood waters.

As overwhelming as it may be, flood damage is better handled by industry professionals. At SERVPRO of Casa Grande, we are only a call away. Reach out to (520) 421-1894 and let us help you leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

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What Few People Know About Drying Crucial Papers in Maricopa After a Flood

12/6/2018 (Permalink)

When important documents get wet during flooding or water damage, there are options to restore them. Contact team SERVPRO to discuss.

Helping You Protect Your Documents From Flood Damage in Maricopa

Washing your driver's license in the washing machine is a common occurrence, but can still cause panic for many people in Maricopa. Other documents do not fare as well as the laminated licenses. Stock certificates, deeds to houses and other real estate, wills, historical items detailing past events in your family, and many others do not have the protection of lamination.
When it becomes safe enough to re-enter your house after a disastrous flood, keep in mind that flood damage in Maricopa can affect your more fragile items, also. Carefully handling these items can diminish the chances of tearing them. Place them inside a plastic bag so that you can freeze them. Freezing stops the damage from continuing.
We can use a process called lyophilization, which strips the water and any absorbed moisture from your documents. We can also treat books and magazines this way and save them from destruction. The process is not perfect and existing damage, including bleeding, does not go away during the restoration. However, the final result is always better than leaving things as you find them and hoping for decent results with mere air drying.
Drying out documents may not suffice, however, as mud and silt can also cause problems for paperwork and other fragile items. Sand can rub away at the surfaces of papers and cards, removing ink and the high-gloss finishes on papers. Certificates and awards, especially those with seals and ribbons can become rippled and wavy from even slightly elevated water vapor amounts in the air. Photographs and paintings on your walls can become sticky, pick up dust, and develop mold.
Finding much more than just your driver's license and other basic identification cards all through your home means getting things dried out quickly can help prevent any such damage. We remove any remaining floodwater and saturated floor coverings. Carpeting, pad, laminate, and other wood composite floors cannot remain inside your home after we start mitigating flood damage.
We use Injectidry for its versatility. We can dry out barely-touched walls and save them, or work on wood floors to keep them from buckling and twisting. Each portion of your home that we remove water from becomes that much safer for the documents and other paper-based items that mean so much to you and your family.
SERVPRO of Casa Grande understands how important your documents and memorabilia are to you and others in your home. We provide mitigation services to the area around Arizola, Coolidge, and Florence, so please do not hesitate to call us at (520) 421-1894 when flood damage strikes your property.

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Your Best Guide to Preventing a Mold Infestation in Your Florence Home After Flood Damage

10/28/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding can start with a broken pipe, overflow or come from an outside source. Call SERVPRO immediately to remediate any damage.

How Flooding Can Continually Affect Your Florence Home

Major disasters that affect your Florence home require immediate attention to mitigate losses but can take a long time to restore completely. More to the point, failure to secure professional restoration right away could have you waiting for cleanup and restorative work until taxed crews have the opportunity to begin the initial stages of recovery for your property. While our team works quickly to be available for all potential clients in widespread disasters like flooding, a fast response is always the best way to secure services.

Overcoming flood damages in your Florence home is not something that a homeowner can accomplish on their own. From the immediate threat of the high volume of water to the effects spread throughout the property, experience and industry-leading equipment like our SERVPRO team can provide is the best course of action to take. Flooding is a disaster that continues to get worse the longer its effects persist.

From the moment that flooding occurs throughout your community, you should be aware of the damage that it can do to your property. Starting with the high volume of water, this effect can spread and saturate through construction materials, the contents of your home, and other areas to weaken and erode their integrity to the point of failure.

Even with mitigation practices like extracting the water from the affected areas by our SERVPRO professionals, other effects might have already taken hold. Mold damage is a secondary effect that can commonly follow after water loss incidents, as the persistent dampness and moisture-ridden areas of your property provide the appropriate conditions for mold spores to seat and thrive. Our technicians have the training and equipment to help you recover your flood losses, and to restore your home from all of the effects it has experienced.

Flooding is something that can occur with little warning and affect many homes throughout the communities where you live. Securing professional restoration services with so many affected properties can prove challenging if you do not act quickly. Give our SERVPRO of Casa Grande emergency response team a call right away at (520) 421-1894.

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Flood Damage In Casa Grande

9/6/2018 (Permalink)

You can count on us to arrive quickly and help you to preserve the contents and structural integrity of your home as we work to clean up the mess.

Flood Damage

Severe weather systems roll through Casa Grande more often than the residents here might like. Even with the better construction of the homes and preventative measures taken to reduce the possibility of storm damages, these occurrences continue. The trouble with damage to areas like the roof of your home, or even the windows, is the ability for water to come into your house unabated.

The result of this flow of water, as many unfortunate Casa Grande residents have seen, is flood damages. There's something to be said for working towards being more prepared for this possibility by taking further preventative measures and safeguarding your home against the possibility of storm damages significant enough to allow for flooding.

One of the ways that you can better prepare your home for the possibility of storm damages is to inspect the integrity of the roof on your house annually. Since this is the first line of defense against torrential rainfall and damaging winds, it is essential to ensure that this structure is sound and able to withstand the often brutal nature of passing systems. Often homeowners neglect the maintenance and care of their roof, and our SERVPRO professionals are helping them to clean up the mess and dry out their homes as a result.

Another thing that you can do to help preserve your home in the event of flood damage is to have a strategy in place for calling professionals like our SERVPRO rapid response team. When flood waters penetrate your home, you want to have the appropriate personnel there quickly to help seal off entry points and to pack out the at-risk items throughout your home so that they do not get affected by the spreading water. Knowing whom to call and when to can save you time and money in the long run.

While it is difficult to prepare yourself for flood damages in your home, knowing what to do can ultimately make the restoration process more efficient and less costly. You can count on our SERVPRO of Casa Grande emergency response team to arrive quickly and help you to preserve the contents and structural integrity of your home as we work to clean up the mess. Give us a call anytime at (520) 421-1894.

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Flood Damage Can Happen in Your Maricopa Home or Condo

7/9/2018 (Permalink)

Trapped on a Maricopa Island after a Flash Flood? Call SERVPRO for Water Extraction and Cleanup

Maricopa Properties Cope Better after Flash-Flooding When SERVPRO Is Called for Cleanup and Restoration

Weather patterns and the predictions that accompany them have become more volatile, exposing those who expect previous seasonal climate averages to continue in Maricopa to unanticipated disaster risks. Researchers at Arizona State University study how predicting the new extremes in weather better prepare our residents and municipalities for “100-year” calamities that now occur every few seasons. If you unexpectedly face the floodgates in your home, we can help.

Monsoon season in Maricopa begins in mid-June and can cause flash flood damage, waters rapidly moving across the Gila River Valley. The same system that swamps roadways and endangers vehicles can intrude into your living areas, saturating foundations and rushing through crawl spaces. Even if your living space is several stories above ground level in a condo, parking and storage areas below risk flooding and resulting damage to your possessions. We are well-qualified and appropriately outfitted to respond immediately to flood damage in any areas of your single or multi-unit home.
The water swirling into your home or storage area can contain animal and human waste, particularly if the storm drains in your immediate locale are overwhelmed, and your sewer line backs up. Overland flooding also risks exposing you to landscaping and road chemicals, and even reptiles, insects, or wildlife fleeing the waters. SERVPRO crews prepare for these and other contingencies through Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification training and our extensive experience in the restoration business.
A project manager assesses the flood damage upon arrival and coordinates with the crew assigned and you as the homeowner. SERVPRO checks first for safety hazards from broken glass to damaged utility lines that could turn the flood into a fire, and everything in between. Then we set up submersible pumps and move to extractors as the water level falls. If power is out, we carry on using sources on our vehicles to operate the equipment. We might pack out stored possessions exposed to food water for evaluation and drying offsite.
If the water is contaminated, our crews proceed informed by our thorough knowledge of local health and hazardous waste disposal codes. SERVPRO contains flooding tainted with pathogens or chemicals and discards it appropriately. When we need access to cavities between walls we can make flood cuts to ensure all moisture releases and saturated areas are open to drying efforts. Air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers reduce moisture to normal levels as we monitor the saturation data with meters and scanning devices. EPA registered antimicrobials treat surfaces to inhibit microbial growth.
SERVPRO of Casa Grande is the dependable partner you need when your desert dream home experiences inundation by flash flooding. Call (520) 421-1894 day or night for reliable and expert flood damage restoration services.

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Seasonal Monsoons Increase Risk Of Flood Damage In Maricopa

6/5/2018 (Permalink)

Maricopa Monsoon Storm Damage is Mitigated by SERVPRO's Lightning Response

SERVPRO Can Mitigate Storm Damage with a Rapid Response, Experience, Materials, and Equipment

Although our area is usually arid, with 8 or fewer inches of rain typical in a year, flooding from intense rainstorms can strike Maricopa. Heavy rains that flood your home are possible during our monsoon season, ordinarily occurring beginning in July and trailing off in September. Our trained and experienced flood damage specialists await your call if the floods affect your home.
When Arizona’s monsoon season arrives, the most common image that comes to mind is a dry wash overflowing into a raging river in a matter of seconds, or streets with several inches of water imperiling vehicle traffic. The same weather patterns cause residential flood damage in Maricopa. Crawl spaces and slab foundations fall prey to the quickly developing bursts of precipitation. If the high winds that often accompany these severe storms damage roofs or send trees crashing into your dwelling, many levels of your home can suffer flooding from the pounding rain. Professional restoration assistance is the key to avoiding permanent harm to your home after the flood.
SERVPRO crews begin by stabilizing the structure, boarding, and tarping exterior damage. The anchoring of the coverings is dictated by the composition and shape of the damaged roof. Flat roofs often suffer from these strong winds and rains. A 'shrink-wrap" barrier may also be installed, depending on circumstances. Then our team members begin the process of extracting the flood waters and drying out the building materials and contents. We use submersible pumps when the lingering water measures more than two inches, and complete this part of the process with professional grade wanded extractors.
It is particularly important to remove as much water as possible in carpeted areas of a home as the padding and fibers can become the home for microbial activity if not dried out within 24 to 48 hours. SERVPRO employees learn practical techniques in IICRC training, including the use of weighted wands to force as much of the flooding out of the floor coverings. Portions of the carpet may be lifted to permit movers to pass heated air over and under the fibers. Dehumidifiers positioned correctly add to the efficiency of other drying techniques, pulling water vapor out of the air so that the moisture in the carpeting moves into the atmosphere.
Moisture meters help SERVPRO monitor the efficacy of the flood water removal and structural drying plan. Merely waiting for the flood water to subside risks progressive damage to structures and belongings. Often we recommend an inventory and pack out of boxes and other flood saturated articles for drying in our production facility. We offer many options to dry out flood-damaged documents, heirlooms, clothing, and furnishings.
If the desert defies its usual description and strikes your home with seasonal flooding, SERVPRO of Casa Grande is ready to help. Call us round the clock at (520) 421-1894 to schedule a flood damage assessment and recovery plan.

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