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Importance of Water Mitigation

4/8/2021 (Permalink)

Importance of handling water damage properly

Your home may experience water damage issues anytime. SERVPRO techs are IICRC certified in water restoration and ready 24/7 365 days a year.

SERVPRO understands the water damage that can happen to your home and can provide professional mitigation services

Problems occur every day that leads to water intrusion and potential damage to your home. It can be something as simple as an appliance failure or plumbing issue. Complete water extraction and drying are crucial to avoid secondary damage.

What can happen if water intrusion is not handled properly

When moisture is not immediately mitigated, water damage to you home can be serious. DIY clean up can lead to:

  • Musty smells, which can indicate mold
  • Damaged drywall
  • Warped floorboards
  • Compromise to structural materials which may not be visible
  • Sagging ceiling
  • Stained walls and floors

Professional IICRC certified water damage services ensure that damage is kept to a minimum. Our technicians use a combination of commercial equipment and state-of-the-art technology to make sure your home is thoroughly dried and restored to preloss condition whenever possible. Our crew will:

  • Trace the migration path of the water
  • Device a drying plan to protect your home from further damage
  • Remove materials that are damaged beyond repair if necessary
  • Set up drying equipment and monitor every day until dry
  • Work with your insurance adjuster

If you have water damage, no matter how extensive, call SERVPRO of Casa Grande, at 520-421-1894.  

Burst Pipe

3/25/2021 (Permalink)

What to do when pipes burst causing water damage in your property?

Finding the problem and fixing it is what SERVPRO of Casa Grande does best. Contact SERVPRO of Casa Grande 520-421-1894 for professional remediation and mitigation services.

Seeking Professional Water Removal Services from a Reliable Restoration Company like SERVPRO of Casa Grande is the Best Move.

When water gets into unwanted places in your home or building, it is an emergency, and you should contact restoration experts immediately. Since saving time is critical, our technicians respond within a short time and identify areas with high moisture levels. Our technicians can help you avoid incurring costly damages in your property.

How should property owners identify signs of water damage?

When water damage occurs, the signs begin to show immediately. If you delay water removal in your home, the damage may spread to other areas. Since plumbers install water pipes behind walls, finding water leaks can be challenging for most property owners. However, a homeowner can detect water damage by:

  • Examining walls and ceilings for water stains
  • Checking basement floors for signs of buckling
  • Switching off all faucets and listening to determine where the water leak is

How long does it take to dry a water-damaged property?

That depends on several factors, including:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • How long it’s been wet
  • When the restoration process began
  • Types of materials affected

The drying process may take a few days or longer. Our SERVPRO team uses advanced equipment and tools to hasten the drying process. We can conduct controlled demolition to dry hidden surfaces effectively.     

How do you dry the areas behind walls and ceilings?

We try as much as possible to minimize property damage. Therefore, we can drill small holes in the ceiling and through drywall to access the moisture. However, before we begin drying the area, we must check for contamination. If there is no microbial growth, we can use structural cavity drying equipment to pull out the moist air in the hidden area.

If your property suffered water damage from a burst pipe, contact SERVPRO of Casa Grande at 520-421-1894 to mitigate damages, "Like it never even happened."

What Should Homeowners Do About a Wet and Sagging Ceiling?

Contact SERVPRO of Casa Grande to Mitigate the Damages

It can be scary to find a sagging, water-damaged ceiling in your property. These damages can be costly to repair. However, those costs will increase many times over if damage is ignored.

SERVPRO of Casa Grande is available day and night to provide water mitigation services. Our staff will coordinate with both you and your insurance adjuster to ensure that claims are filed quickly and easily on your behalf. We are also licensed to provide general contracting services for more thorough restoration after removing water damage from your property.

How Do SERVPRO Tools Accelerate the Restoration Process?

The IICRC, Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, has accredited SERVPRO of Casa Grande. We are trained to adhere to restoration industry guidelines. We receive extensive training in using both sophisticated technologies and tried-and-true techniques for home disaster mitigation. These tools include the following:

  • Moisture measurement meters to detect moisture, humidity, temperature, etc. to help us achieve drying goals.
  • Commercial drying equipment, including air movers and dehumidifiers. If Category of water requires, we can add HEPA air scrubbers.
  • OSHA approved cleaning solutions that aid in the remediation of microbes and unpleasant odors from water damage.
  • Odor control modalities that address a variety of sources, including pet odors, water damage, and mold.
  • Moisture extraction tools: portable, truck mount, etc.

Some Causes of Water Damage

There are many ways that ceiling water damage can befall a Toms River home, including the following:

  • Pipe leaks
  • Appliance leaks in upstairs rooms or attics, including the HVAC system.
  • Bathroom drains, pipes, toilets
  • Refrigerator water lines, RO systems or dishwasher
  • Washing machine failures
  • Hot water heaters, water softeners…

Finding the source of leaks and mitigating the water damage is a highly involved process that requires specific tools to accomplish. Homeowners are advised to contact a trusted restoration firm for your mitigation and restoration needs. SERVPRO performs this service 24/7, to minimize structure, contents damage and microbial growth resulting from moisture exposure.

What Should Homeowners Do If They Notice Their Ceiling Is Sagging?

Homeowners should follow these steps to quickly mitigate damage to their home:

  • Stabilize the leaking area of the ceiling. Move the contents of your home away from the leakage area where possible. Catch the water with a bucket or other deep, nonporous container. Consider adding a tarp to prevent damage to your flooring.
  • Locate and identify leaks causing the sagging. This process can be challenging because water damage can manifest quite far from the leak source. Porous materials like drywall can absorb significant amounts of moisture. If you are concerned about a leak, look for the following common signs of water leaks in your home:
  • Missing caulk
  • Broken or cracked pipes
  • Leaky drains or supply lines

If you are unsure of the source of the leak, shut off your water main and contact a licensed plumber. Keep any documentation you receive from repair professionals for your insurance claim.

Contact a SERVPRO of Casa Grande as quickly as possible for mitigation. We have the knowledge and equipment to properly dry and repair your home.

Water Damage in Coolidge Bathroom So Bad It Needs Controlled Demo

2/14/2020 (Permalink)

Toilet Overflow No matter when you call, we are always available to assist you!

SERVPRO Teams Handle Every Aspect of The Job After Water Damage Occurs In Your Coolidge Home

One of the worst forms of water damage to a house involves sewage. When this type of water loss event occurs, the ability to restore both contents and structure may have limits due to the contaminated nature of the water. 

Water damage in a Coolidge bathroom caused by a blockage in a toilet that lead to a toilet overflow that affected most of the bathroom floor and the adjoining hallway. The category three blackwater quickly seeped under the tile floor and the bathroom cabinet. 

Water Migration Location

SERVPRO technicians use their moisture detection equipment to determine areas where the water went. Particularly in the case of water containing sewage, it is vital to extract and clean all areas affected by this type of water loss for health reasons. 

Safety During Water Extraction 

It is standard for the technicians to wear personal protective gear, so they do not come into contact nor aspirate the water during mitigation. They also often treat the water with antimicrobial cleaners to lessen the contamination.  

Controlled Demolition

Few building materials have the potential for restorability after exposure to sewage-tainted water. SERVPRO technicians removed the tile flooring to open up the subfloor for drying. The toe kick under the bathroom cabinet and the baseboards all required removal for extraction and drying. Much of the sheetrock moisture and the techs measured several inches above the waterline and cut the damaged sheetrock away. 

Drying and Deodorizing

When sewage is present in a home, it is unmistakable. Drying equipment to push moisture out of the subfloor and wall cavities is crucial as a part of the restoration process. Then a wipedown with potent antimicrobial and deodorizing cleaning agents helps kill any resident bacteria as well as eradicate odors. Air scrubbers assist in capturing airborne particulate that may contribute to odors in the loss area. 

Rebuilding Services Too

Once the techs address the loss, SERVPRO can also offer homeowners reconstruction services with general contractor license #310261 to restore the home to its preloss condition. That way, the process can go straight from cleanup to rebuilding without delay. 

SERVPRO of Casa Grande at (520) 421-1894 handles any water damage in properties and uses their equipment and knowledge to make the water loss "Like it never even happened."

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Our Water Damage Experts Can Save Your Home In Florence

11/23/2019 (Permalink)

water incident in home We make it, “Like it never even happened.”

When You Need Water Cleanup in Florence

The water cleanup associated with a plumbing emergency is an essential step in mitigating damages. Water often brings sludge, dirt, and even foul odors that linger if not cleaned properly. It is crucial to sanitize and deodorize when cleaning. Disinfecting the affected areas eliminates possible mold infestations.

SERVPRO offers prompt water cleanup in Florence for any amount of damage. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. It is essential to deal with the water spill quickly to ensure the least amount of residual damage as possible. Technicians not only remove excess water and dry the impacted areas of your residence but they also thoroughly clean the area. Water detection, removal, and drying are necessary steps before cleaning and restoration to preloss condition.

Cleaning is not only using disinfectants. Before the SERVPRO professionals can clean, they must reduce humidity in the home to below 50 percent, so mold infestations are not an issue. Air movers blow at such extreme velocity that evaporation occurs quickly. Industrial dehumidifiers pull away excess moisture resulting in progressively drier air circulating throughout the room. The most vigorous defense against mold growth is to dry the impacted area quickly.

After our thermo-hygrometers determine the relative humidity is at 50 percent, disinfecting and deodorizing may be required. The trained SERVPRO technicians use a customized combination of antimicrobial, EPA-registered broad-spectrum disinfectant, and sanitizing chemical agents to clean the impacted area. We use specialized solutions, including our exclusive Orange cleaner.

Technicians apply chemical agents to all contaminated items and surfaces for effectiveness and carefully follow all product instructions. Physical contact and enough dwell time are essential in eliminating microbes. Since each cleanup situation is not the same, technicians use different chemical agents. Technicians inform you about the products used and provide MSD sheets if needed. Customers always know the restoration plan for their home, each step of the way, from the first contact until the home is restored to preloss condition.

For water cleanup in Florence, contact SERVPRO of Casa Grande at (520) 421-1894 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We make it, “Like it never even happened.”

For more about Florence click here.

What is the Best Water Extraction Equipment to Use for Coolidge Homeowners?

10/1/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck and drying equipment in front of house. This is just some of the equipment that we have at our disposal to restore your home. Call us today!

Bigger Is Not Always Better for Coolidge Water Extraction 

Some people believe that to provide Coolidge homeowners with the most efficient and thorough services, you need to have the most powerful and most significant tools on the market. While our team does have access to high-capacity extraction tools and equipment, these are not always needed to complete the jobs that property owners need. Water loss incidents can vary significantly in severity and the spread, making smaller tools sometimes more ideal for the task at hand. 

Our professionals do not know what your home needs until we have thoroughly assessed the water damage in a Coolidge residence. We strive to provide this service quickly so that there is a minimal delay between a better scope of the damage your property faces and the tools and personnel to make it right. Our SERVPRO team has accreditations from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) in both structural drying and water restoration. This training gives us a knowledgeable approach to whatever loss effects our team might face inside. 

Our technicians have access to two of the largest extraction machines available. One is the extractor truck with a mounted pump in the Green Fleet. We also use a gas-powered, engine-driven trash pump that is a stationary powerful removal machine for homes and businesses alike. These large extractors have their place in our inventory as efficient machines; however, they can often be overkill for a small water loss incident. 

Many residential projects that our SERVPRO professionals undertake involve little more than the use of our portable pumps and wet-vacs. These mobile options can work to remove standing water in many areas of the house efficiently. With our trailered generator, we can even offer these electric pump options when the power has become temporarily disabled in your water-damaged home. 

Working efficiently to restore your home after a water loss incident hinges on finding the balance between our capable equipment and the specific threat to your residence. You can count on the experience and fast response of our SERVPRO of Casa Grande to help. Call us anytime at (520) 421-1894.

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Water Can Cause Major Damage To Your Arizona City Home

7/25/2019 (Permalink)

We can work quickly to restore your property and make the incident look “Like it never even happened.”

Tips For Restoring Your Arizona City Home After Water Damage

A water intrusion incident in your Arizona City home can occur unexpectedly. Refrigerator ice maker breaks, plumbing leaks, and failed appliances are some ways that water can bring about issues in your house. Altogether, water loss is a stressful and messy situation. If water finds its way into cabinetry, furniture, walls, and other places, it can be a hidden and visible problem.

If you wait to address the water damage in your Arizona City residence, it can cause further issues. Porous materials like drywall and wallboard can soak up the water and remain contaminated for extended periods. Solid wood items like furniture can crack and warp, and laminated wood can separate or weaken because of exposure to water. You can start the water clean-up process by doing the following things:

•         Wear protective clothing, rubber gloves, and boots to say safe when performing the clean-up work.

•         Remove wall coverings and place them outside to dry.

•         Wipe down wooden items and take them elsewhere to dry if possible.

•         Make a list of the ruined items and take photos or videos.

•         Contact your insurance agent or company and submit a claim.

•         Place wood blocks or aluminum foil between damp flooring and the legs of heavy furniture that is difficult to move.

You should also call SERVPRO restoration specialists to assist you with the process of restoring your house after a water intrusion incident. Our technicians understand the importance of addressing water damage right away. Upon arrival to your home, we can work immediately to minimize the chances of secondary destruction like mold growth occurring while also reducing restoration expenses.

We begin the water removal and drying process after assessing the damage. Our team uses top-of-the-line equipment like industrial strength wet/dry vacuums or portable pumps to remove the water. After extracting the water, we begin the drying process using air moving and dehumidifying equipment to eliminate moisture in the affected areas. We also use specialized testing equipment like moisture sensors to detect moisture in carpeting and padding. Moisture sensors have probes, which penetrate through the carpets and pad to determine if there is water in the subfloor underneath.

Our SERVPRO crew also knows how to manipulate humidity and temperature levels to produce optimal drying conditions without causing secondary damage. Our Applied Structural Drying Technicians (ASDs) use various ventilating systems to direct air into wall cavities, replacing the moist, cold air with warmer, dry air to increase the rate of evaporation. Once everything is dry, our crew can advise you on the reconstruction or repairs required to return your property to its preloss state.

If your home in Casa Grande, Maricopa or Coolidge has water damage, call SERVPRO of Casa Grande to assist you with the restoration process. Our 24-hour emergency response line is (520) 421-1894. We can work quickly to restore your property and make the incident look “Like it never even happened.”

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What Else Can You Do With Water Damage in Your Maricopa Home

6/28/2019 (Permalink)

An overflowing sink can cause serious water damage in your Maricopa residence. Contact SERVPRO for help.

Why Professional-Level Drying is Crucial Against Maricopa Water Damage

Water damage brings many types of issues to a residence. Whether it is from a surprise supply line leak, water line to the fridge or pipe under the bathroom vanity gave out, it needs to be cleaned up and dried as fast as feasibly possible. 

When there is water damage in a Maricopa residence, professional water removal by SERVPRO avoids secondary losses. In most cases, for minimal water spills, homeowners can generally self-clean without further issues. After mopping or using rags to clean up water, use one or more fans to dry the area. Be watchful for signs of incomplete drying such as foul odors or less frequent, mold. 

Water follows the path of least resistance and migrates quickly. For example, a simple pipe break under a bathroom sink can lead to several problems if not properly cleaned and dried. Cleaning up the water you can see by mopping may not be enough. However, there is the potential for excessive moisture behind baseboards, under cabinet, subflooring, and floor joists. The softening of building materials, foul odors, and other damages can occur if inadequately mitigated. 

SERVPRO technicians complete training that includes certification in water removal. We have the equipment to find and extract deeply embedded moisture and use our knowledge of psychrometry to dry both surfaces and interior room components thoroughly. Fortunately, the average year-round humidity for this area of Arizona ranges from 38% to 48% which naturally inhibits mold growth due to lack of moisture but in the case of inadequate ventilation retaining moisture or a slow leak, there is the potential for colony growth.

In cases of severe water damage, the best outcome SERVPRO technicians can prove for homeowners is getting the property ready for reconstruction after the cleanup and drying of the affected areas. Our location has a residential contractor license # 310261, and we can make the water loss situation seamless for homeowners from cleanup to rebuilding. 

SERVPRO of Casa Grande is ready to assist homeowners with water damage any time. Just call (520) 421-1894 and our emergency response team can be onsite within hours to make your water loss "Like it never even happened."

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Why Professional Remediation is Necessary to Salvage Water Damaged Carpets in Casa Grande

5/15/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Casa Grande is ready and equipped to quickly handle your water loss event.

SERVPRO Solves Water Damage to Carpet in Casa Grande Home

Contrary to what you may have heard, water damage to carpeting does not mean the carpet is automatically a loss. If mitigation begins quickly enough, and it is a clean water (Category One) event, the carpeting may be restorable through our proprietary methods for drying and cleaning. 

SERVPRO was called to a Casa Grande home to clean up and restore water damage affecting the living room carpeting and utility room on the first floor of a house. A seam on a 30-gallon hot water tank had burst and migrated from the utility room to the adjoining living room area.

Fast thinking on the homeowner’s part helped, by calling us so quickly after the initial water loss, cleanup efforts began before the water had a chance to wick into sheetrock, pool behind baseboards or migrate beyond the two rooms. 

We used multiple portable pumps to make several passes over the two rooms. Our technicians extracting water from the living room carpet used weighted extractors to push as much water as possible out of the padding to the surface of the carpeting, so it is picked up by the pump and removed. The more moisture we remove before we move on to the drying phase of restoration, the faster drying happens.

SERVPRO has state-of-the-art detection equipment that is specialized for use to find elevated moisture levels in areas of the home such as subflooring, in wall cavities, floor joists, and other hard-to-clean areas. Our scoping showed that the central area of excess moisture was in the living room. The utility room where the incident began showed no hidden moisture issues.

Our air movers are not fans that blow air on wet rooms to dry them. Air movers blow with such velocity they cause water vapor to rise from within wet objects where our dehumidifiers capture it and port it out of the room. This method works well in tandem with our specialized drying set up for in-place drying, which decreases the chance to delamination of the carpet and less disruption for the homeowner. After drying, the affected areas were cleaned and disinfected to leave the rooms smelling fresh without any residual odors. 

Call SERVPRO of Casa Grande at (520) 421-1894 when you need fast assistance for water damage in your home. Our technicians have the equipment and experience to restore your home to its preloss condition and make it “Like it never even happened.”

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Did You Know Air Conditioner Leaks Can Cause Water Damage in Maricopa?

4/4/2019 (Permalink)

Regular AC unit inspections can help lessen the chance of water damage to your home.

How to Handle Water Damage in Your Maricopa Residence Caused by an Air Conditioner Leak

Air conditioning units offer many benefits in homes, including enhancing comfort, preventing electronics from overheating and reducing the risk of heat stroke. However, if these appliances are not maintained properly, they can cause water to leak in a home. If your AC is broken, you might get home to find a puddle around it or a collapsed ceiling. Your air conditioner can leak water inside the house if the condensate drain line is clogged with dirt and debris. In this case, the backup can cause a rupture of the line or leaks.

Water from the condensate drain line may also leak inside your home if the installers did not connect it securely. Vibrations may cause it to come loose, leading to water damage to your Maricopa home. When your air conditioner is leaking, you should act quickly to prevent further damage to your home and expensive repair bills. You should turn the AC system off to stop water flow. You also need to clean the water that’s leaked so that the floors, ceilings, walls, decor, and furniture will not get damaged. If it’s not a lot of water, you can use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner.  

If you are dealing with a small leak, you may have caught the issue early enough to allow the area to dry out or replace some drywall. However, if there is a significant water loss that may lead to things like sagging ceilings and warmed floorboards, it is advisable to contact the professionals at SERVPRO to assist you with restoration.  

SERVPRO technicians have professional equipment that can remove water from your home efficiently. We use equipment like portable wet-vacs and truck mounted extraction units for extreme cases. We also have devices like moisture detectors and hygrometers, which are useful for finding hidden moisture. We can also use infrared cameras to determine if water is trapped behind the walls. Our goal is to dry a property to make the leak appear “Like it never even happened.”  

If your AC has leaked, the technicians at SERVPRO of Casa Grande can come to your aid. We can help you to dry out your home to prevent further problems like mold growth. Call us anytime at (520) 421-1894 to get water damage restoration services in Casa Grande, Maricopa and Arizona City.

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The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Water Damage Restoration in Maricopa

1/25/2019 (Permalink)

When water damage happens, you need to react fast for best results. Contact our certified SERVPRO team for water removal efforts.

Immediate Water Cleanup for a Plumbing Disaster at Your Maricopa Home

While you work to maintain the needs of your Maricopa house as the situations arise, some incidents require a more experienced approach and technique than you have to offer. While you might have many instances where DIY approaches can save you some money, when it comes to water loss incidents occurring in your house, you want to ensure that the damage gets cleaned up entirely and thoroughly to avoid worsening conditions.

When homeowners think of the term water cleanup in Maricopa, mops and buckets are often brought to mind. While these tools certainly have their place in the realm of water incidents, larger-scale situations like plumbing leaks and pipe breaks often lead to the need for more advanced equipment. Our SERVPRO technicians have extensive training in all facets of water restoration and have the industry-leading equipment to overcome the damage that even the immediate presence of water has caused to your house.

From the moment that our team arrives at your house, we prioritize reducing the spread of the water damage to new areas. This isolation not only makes the restoration process easier, but it also helps to protect structural components and the contents of your home from becoming at risk. If there is pooling, our technicians set out to use our extraction equipment like portable pumps or wet-vacs with extraction wands to remove this excess, leaving just saturated materials behind.

Pulling the moisture from these affected areas requires a working knowledge of the highest concentrations of dampness and moisture throughout the affected areas. Our SERVPRO professionals have moisture detection equipment to pinpoint damp areas to focus our efforts and specialized equipment on pulling the moisture out from areas like the subflooring, wall cavities, and ceiling spaces.

As much as water cleanup seems like something that anyone can do, water damage spreads quickly and can prove challenging to remove entirely. With the right professional assistance, like what you find with our SERVPRO of Casa Grande restoration technicians, you can get your house back to preloss conditions quickly. Give us a call anytime at (520) 421-1894.

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Are Leaking Appliances Causing Your Florence Kitchen to be a Hot Mess?

11/1/2018 (Permalink)

Water from this dishwasher leak is already being absorbed into the flooring and cabinets. Call SERVPRO to remove the water and restore your home.

SERVPRO Restoring Water Damaged Homes in Florence

Florence residents are relatively safe from the weather and floods, but those are not the main risks to an area home when it comes to ‘squishy’ carpets and other water problems. In our experience, failed appliances and devices like dishwashers and water heaters cause much of the damage to floors, carpets, and furniture.  

For SERVPRO, remediating water damage to Florence homes means getting standing water out of the home, determining what is repairable (or disposing of property too damaged for restoration), and drying the structure and property.  

Our technicians start with either pumps or extraction wands to remove the water while one of our inspectors inspects the property for damage. A failed water heater can drop 60 gallons or more onto the floor in seconds. If it fails to shut-off automatically, the broken tank can continue to spill water throughout the home. Once a team member shuts off the intake line, others use the pump to remove water. In most homes, this takes at least one or two days.  

If the water was a small amount from a dishwasher, then the water level is low and generally isolated to the kitchen. Technicians use the extraction wands to remove water from the surface and then push out any remainder using mops or squeegees. Regardless of the amount of water they remove, team members bring in air movers to direct warm, dry air over the damp floors to speed up the drying process.  

These machines are especially useful to restore carpets to their original condition and prevent delamination. That is the separation of the top and bottom layers of the carpet when it absorbs too much water for too long.  

As technicians remove the water, a SERVPRO inspector examines the property and directs other team members to remove restorable items to an unaffected part of the home or another location. They place the furniture and other items on blocks or bricks so that excess water can drain away. If they can lift property out within a few hours of the water spill, technicians can save almost everything except for paper (i.e., books and magazines). To increase the rate of drying, they can set up air movers and fans to direct warm air and increase air circulation if needed.  

Our goal at SERVPRO of Casa Grande is to remove water and reduce the amount of damage to each home as quickly as possible. If you have had a recent water spill in your home, call us today at (520) 421-1894. We are here for you.

McFarland State Park is located in Florence. Click here for more information.

Forgotten Tubs and Other Mishaps with Running Water Require Water Removal Services in Florence

9/16/2018 (Permalink)

If you step away and find that your bathtub has overflowed and caused water damage in your bathroom, contact SERVPRO for water removal services.

SERVPRO Technicians are Standing by Should an Accident Requiring the Need for Water Remediation Occur in Your Home

Many bathtubs get filled every day in Florence area homes without any problem, but an unexpected phone call or an accident with a toddler can cause anyone to forget about a tub. Even a slowly running garden hose can send gallons of water into your home if someone places it too close to an open doorway.

When such incidents happen in your home, SERVPRO gets right to business with water removal strategies in Florence that address your home's unique needs. We act fast to prevent secondary water damage like mold and odor development from damaging your residence and to help keep restoration costs for your property as low as possible. Our scaled services include large-volume pumps mounted on trucks as well as much smaller units that extract water from smaller catastrophes.
Because water can quickly and quietly seep into areas you might not be aware of, we use moisture meters that detect the existence of water. SERVPRO technicians ensure that after all our work, your home shows no signs of undesired water, restoring everything “Like it never even happened.” We continue to check our progress with new readings throughout our efforts.
Water from clean sources typically means we can extract the water from your flooring and successfully dry it out. Steam cleaning helps minimize unpleasant odors from exposure to water, as well as ensure it becomes completely dry again. Sometimes we need to float a carpet while directing air underneath it. When carrying out this procedure, we take extreme care to keep unnecessary stretching to a minimum. Often, however, we need to temporarily remove the carpet if the padding shows signs of wear and tear so new padding installation can take place.
Hardwood floors can experience cupping and crowning. While it might tempt you to sand these immediately, doing so can only bring disappointment. Drying out at a steady pace helps bring such flooring back to near-normal. At this time, additional restoration becomes possible.
Our goal at SERVPRO of Casa Grande is to help restore your home back to pre-disaster condition. When our water removal services can help, we know how to perform the exact procedures to get things back to normal again. Call us at (520) 421-1894, so we can help you and your family.

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What To Expect From SERVPRO When Water Damages Your Maricopa Hardwood Floors

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage affects the building materials of your Maricopa dwelling variously, pending on their propensity to absorb moisture.

What To Expect When Water Damages Your Hardwood Floors

Although it is desert-dry outside your home in Maricopa, many opportunities exist inside for water to intrude where it is not expected or wanted. A water heater past its prime rusts through the bottom and pours water into a lower-level family room, a shower curtain tucked outside the tub sends water across the bathroom floor and down the hall, or a broken water pump in a dishwasher floods the kitchen and dining area. Our fast response halts the damage.

Water damage affects the building materials of your Maricopa dwelling variously, pending on their propensity to absorb moisture. Your home might feature hardwood flooring. It is a generally durable surface of great beauty, and also provides a surface for area rugs and carpeting to rest. When you wipe up spills quickly, the wood suffers no harm. In scenarios where water floods over the surface or puddles up and remains on the finish for a time material does absorb moisture. Wood swells when persistently wet, which eventually results in a range of damage that can become permanent -- buckling, warping, cupping, and crowning. We have strategies and equipment that removes the moisture and prepares the floors for restoration.

When our SERVPRO crew arrives at your home, expect a complete assessment of the damage done and a detailed plan leading to a return to preloss condition. If the water covering the hardwood floors is two inches or deeper, we use pumps and then move on to extractors to remove any quantity of water. Our team takes baseline moisture readings as it is not recommended to sand or refinish wood floors until the internal moisture level is 12 percent; even with applied drying techniques, this may take days or weeks.

Hardwood floors have a subfloor beneath, and it is crucial that the materials of the underlying support dry out as well. SERVPRO crews employ a range of methods to remove the moisture. We use drying mats that concentrate the efficiency of extraction, using pressurized air movement to draw out moisture from all levels of the flooring. If the subfloor is accessible from below, we position air movers underneath to speed evaporation. In some cases, we might remove or lift some planks to get air movement where needed or drill holes in heavily sealed flooring to allow for the water vapor to escape.

SERVPRO of Casa Grande awaits your call for help with IICRC trained technicians and cutting-edge water mitigation equipment. Contact us at (520) 421-1894 as soon as practicable after a water emergency.

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Typical Causes And Effects Of Residential Water Damage In Maricopa

6/30/2018 (Permalink)

A residence in Maricopa is most likely to suffer from water damage linked to internal causes, usually unrelated to weather conditions.

Typical Causes And Effects Of Residential Water Damage

Homeowners who live in geographical areas that receive little rain or other precipitation over the seasons can feel immune to water damage concerns. When water damage is covered by media outlets, the focus tends to be how heavy rains or other significant precipitation damage homes.

Although even arid areas of the United States can experience occasional torrential rains, the risk to homes from these seasonal rains is much less serious than other causes of water damage.

A residence in Maricopa is most likely to suffer from water damage linked to internal causes, usually unrelated to weather conditions. Typically residential water incursions stem from one of the following events.

Accidents And Negligence
Water spilling onto the floor because a bathtub or kitchen sink overflowed is a common mistake that can lead to structural damage. All it takes is a distraction while a sink or tub is filling and the water flows and saturates building materials and personal possession. Failing to secure a shower door or curtain sprays water on floors and walls. A robust bath playtime sends waves over the side.

Any of these accidents or neglect can result in water damage not only in the room where the event occurred but also to the levels below the affected space. SERVPRO assesses the extent of the harm and takes the steps necessary to extract standing water and to inspect and dry out the subfloor cavity.

Appliance Malfunction
Metal or plastic fatigue of the latch on the dishwasher allows gallons of soapy, food-filled water to escape into the kitchen. A broken pump or clogged drain causes water to flood the laundry room. A sticky valve on the water dispenser located in the refrigerator door gushes water unexpectedly. Homes are full of water-using conveniences that cause water disasters when they do not operate correctly.

The large quantities of water pooling from these appliances already contain contaminants. The professional water removal technicians at SERVPRO evaluate the risks of this tainted water, containing, collecting, and discarding the overflow in accordance with hazardous waste considerations. Fast action is called for to avoid further microbial growth inside your home.

Leaks And Condensation
Residences have plumbing interwoven in nearly every recess between walls and floors. Tiny leaks or cracks slowly but steadily saturate structural components with moisture. Freezers, refrigerators, and AC or HVAC systems cool in part by condensing water vapor contained in humid air. Coils, hoses, and collection pans should keep this condensation draining but may fail if adequately maintained. Clogs and overfilled pans fail to direct the water appropriately; the excess moisture is instead absorbed by nearby walls, floors, and ceilings.

All of the listed incursion sources cause significant water damage within homes. Some can flood areas, necessitating pumping or extraction of the water. Others do their harm slowly and quietly until a wall crumbles, a floor buckles and warps, or secondary damage such as mold growth signals the problem. Our trained and certified technicians can address these issues, using proven strategies to dry out and then restore damage building materials before the structure deteriorates beyond repair.

If your home suffers from water damage linked to any accident, malfunction, aging or broken infrastructure, or clogs or spills you need the assistance of SERVPRO of Casa Grande. You can rely on our trained and skilled water damage restoration professionals to return your residence to preloss condition. Contact us today at (520) 421-1894.

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Water Damage In Your Casa Grande Kitchen

5/4/2018 (Permalink)

Casa Grande Homeowners Call SERVPRO for Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Rely on SERVPRO for Fast Water Removal to Mitigate Damages

The kitchen is one of the most common places to experience water damage in your Casa Grande home. When the water splashes, overflows, or leaks instead of remaining contained, you face the risk of water damage to the structure of the kitchen. Our trained crews have the experience and the equipment to help recover from common kitchen spills, leaks, and overflows.

Many cooking and cleaning tasks occur in your Casa Grande kitchen, some leading to water damage. As these activities proceed, water flows steadily. The pipes and connections that link the kitchen sink, dishwasher, ice maker, and refrigerator water dispenser can develop cracks and weak spots that seep or drip under counters and between walls. The dishwasher can overflow, and the garbage disposal can clog and send water and debris spraying. Water supply lines are under pressure and can spray significant volumes of water. Our technicians receive ongoing training to hone their skills to identify sources of water leakage and incursion.
Once the water damage issues are evaluated, SERVPRO water damage remediation crews employ industry best practices and specialized equipment to clean up the excess water and any contaminants that may be present. If more than a couple of inches of water puddle on the floor, we use pumps to remove the water. Lesser amounts receive a wet vacuum treatment from our high-efficiency water extractors with special wands. Our employees use moisture meters and infrared scanning devices to measure the saturation level of affected structures and to located any hidden pockets of water. For example, water can move below the raised floor of a cabinet, requiring us to remove the kick plate to access and extract it.
SERVPRO crew members determine the level of contamination contained in the water collected and dispose of it in accord with local hazardous waste regulations. Appropriate cleaning and EPA registered disinfectant products treat the surfaces previously covered with the wastewater. We recommend that our customers arrange for repair of any leaks or loose plumbing connections. Then we begin the process of drying out the cabinets, walls, and floors in the kitchen.
We use air movers, dehumidifiers, and sometimes heat to achieve the correct balance while the drying proceeds. SERVPRO technicians certified in Applied Structural Drying determine a drying goal and then remeasure moisture levels throughout the restoration to reach it. Our technicians inspect the areas below the kitchen during the drying to ensure all saturated structures are included in the plan.
Your kitchen is where friends and family gather, comprising the heart of most dwellings. SERVPRO of Casa Grande is ready to remove water and then dry and restore structures damaged in your kitchen quickly and professionally. "Like it never even happened." Call us at (520) 421-1894 to schedule an assessment of your kitchen water damage needs.

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The Best

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Sam and his team are truly a "breath of fresh air" when it comes to customer service. They don't just speak it - they live it!              MF